Refining Your Technique

Never underestimate the fundamentals. I recently took a punching workshop at King Krav Maga.  In just breaking down the jab and the cross I realized I had not been shrugging my shoulder(on the jab arm) to my chin as I threw my jab.  Something as simple as a shoulder shrug while jabbing can block a counter punch to your head. The other half of the jab would be keeping your cross arm/fist/forearm against your chin.

I realize something as minor as a shoulder shrug can very easily be forgotten when you’re tired. The same can be said of the habit to potentially drop your right guard before jabbing. Indicators such as dropping guard before punching have been deadly tells that put me in hitting range multiple times.

This workshop also reminded me there is always the possibility of a missed detail in the fundamentals that can help your intermediate and advanced techniques progress much faster.

Drills I now incorporate include slow shadow boxing with the improved technique while just utilizing jabs & crosses (high and low). Once I’ve had a satisfying streak of jabs and crosses, I’ll add my hooks and body hooks.


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