My Experimentation Journey Part 1

I recently purchased Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.  So far I am getting tremendous value out of key sections in the Healthy section. Those include Christopher Sommers,Pavel Tatsouline,and Dr. Peter Attia. These three interviews have really modified my exercise approach for the coming year.  I am paying attention to simpler, yet tougher, exercises such as the leg exercises illustrated in in Dr. Peter Attia’s section.

Gymnast Strong has some excellent fundamental movements I have not paid attention to as well.  Integrating these movements with Pavel Tatsoulines Grease the Groove strategy should strengthen my knees, shoulders, and legs. Pike Pulses and QL Walks are completely new to me.  Once I set my back against a wall the Pike Pulses became very tough.

In the beginning my knees have felt a little pain on the QL Walks and Pike Pulses.  That is why I have put a little more focus on the Leg exercises from Peter Attia’s interview section. Further implementation will include using Pavel’s Grease the Groove  strategy with pull ups, and punching with weights.

I also have The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. My goal is to read the strength building sections highlighted in his initial chapters to integrate more strategies into my routine.  Ultimately I hope to make what I learn from both books beneficial to my amateur fighting journey.


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