Where is your happiness?

I find happiness in PROGRESS.  I feel I have the most progress in my choice of training…that choice of training being Krav Maga now.

Krav Maga allows me to PROGRESS in sparring, grappling,weapons defense,and physical/mental stamina.  Even though I still have the occasional reminder that I have a long way to grow, I still know that PROGRESS has been made by…how much less I am affected by my occasional inability to block or deflect at the right time, or by the one or two well timed hits I achieve in any given sparring/grappling session.

The inevitable result of all this PROGRESS has been and will continue to be a more confidence, more mental and physical growth, and ultimately one small part of my life DEFINED and ENJOYED by me.

Will it be the only DEFINED area in the long run?

No it will not…this is just one beginning.


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