Fighting the Fatigue

The battle of doing what’s best versus giving in to mental fatigue seems to happen quite often when you work 10 – 12 hours.  Personally, I have found myself giving in to naps(somewhat needed) for the last two weeks.  The fact is I am aware that once training begins, I know that I’ll have the energy once the training starts, but I still occasionally give in to the nap.

Sometimes we need sleep, majority of the time training is the best choice.  I find the best deterrent to be Mulligan Brother’s motivational sound tracks and videos via Sound Cloud and You Tube. I have found the best practice is to train inspite of the mental and physical fatigue I feel…althought, It’s never easy to resist the nap.

Some small measures that I found to be successful are 10 minute naps spread through out the day…20 minutes if i’m lucky. Without my short naps, overcoming that fatigue can be difficult.

So if fatigue is fighting you when it comes to your personal passion, find what helps you go anyways.  Your “in spite of” tools will vary based on personal interest but they will be a help.

Remember this Phrase:

“When in doubt,train”


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