Stepping Stones

Sometimes you think you know escapes to a certain technique…then you get reminded that you’re missing some key details while working that technique.

We were working rear naked choke escapes , and I had to tap three times.  I remembered two responses at the time.  Bridging helps as an escape and preventative  measure, and if you can tilt the elbow up while pulling the choking hand down while sliding down…escape is possible.

In trying to implement these techniques, I ran into a lot of set backs.  I thought if I got the timing right, escape would be easy…but it never was.  Even if the rear naked choke doesn’t have hooks locked in and only one arm around your throat it can still be a toss-up.  Instances like this remind me that I still have a long way to go.  These moments do not defeat me but further inspire me to learn more.

Key aspects include minding my legs and whether or not they are hooked and maintaining control of the lock in arm of the choke.

I also plan on doing my best to avoid the set up where my arm is pinned in a body lock…like what you see below…I was fortunate to avoid two attempts.



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