Making Time

Training as we all know it is hard to start,easy to keep going, and hard to stop…unless you run out of energy.  It is often the other tethers in our lives that make consistent training that much harder to accomplish. I have decided to do some sort of training atleast once a day.  That training could be bodyweight conditioning, punching with weights,shadow boxing, jump roping or my primary training in the form of Krav Maga , Jiu Jitsu,and Jeet Kune Do.

I find the tethers of my life to be work schedule, and low energy barriers(also caused by long working schedule).  These two self imposed limitations are constantly at battle in my mind.  The quirk is … I am aware that these are self imposed limitations, yet despite the awareness I have…I still have to overcome them.  It’s never pleasant to be self aware and still have what you are aware of limit what you do.

I realize the solution is to make time for what I love so I can ultimately do what I love…which is professional fighting.  The same solution could be said for many others if not all individuals.

My point in all this is … we have to MAKE TIME for what’s important to us in spite of the obstacles we’re living with/through.  Otherwise , we could fall in to the category of those who look back and regret living the life they lived.


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