Fighting in the Water

I have found swimming to be a very diverse training activity.  When I first started swimming, laps were my primary reason for getting in the water.  Although my swimming technique is not the best, I still receive a benefit from it.  Lately swimming has been my recovery from weight training and Krav Maga.

The pool has more benefits than laps.  I have found the semi-deep end to be great for working hooks,uppercuts,straight kicks, and round houses.  When the water resistance is there, you have no choice except to execute with proper technique.  I have even switched to open palms for my hooks in order to provide extra resistance.  I find working these techniques has helped me gradually develop speed, power,and technique.  I recall watching a show on netflix called “Fight Quest” where one of the techniques in developing endurance, strength, and technique was to hit the water with a weaponized wooden stick.  The stick was also used against tires.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my complex would allow me to practice with a stick in the pool…but I still have my hands and legs.  Consider this a post a reminder that the pool is more than an avenue of recovery. It can also be used for strength and stamina.


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