Endurance Building Test

I had an awesome and tiring experience Saturday July 9th.  I took part in a 4.5 hour test that was physically and mentally challenging.  Training at King Krav Maga has provided me many opportunities to grow physically and mentally.

The beginning was a 4 Circuit drill set of Sprawls combined with getting up against resistance, 10 kicks then 10 knees, Lunges and squats around the building, and stair runs/jumps.  Each portion of the circuit was 5 minutes.

The next section was a two mile run with the added bonus of having to carry somebody for a certain distance.  Intermittently, during the running portion, we would stop to do 40 Lunges,Push ups, or squats. Once you get close to the end of the run there is steep hill run repeated 4 times. To end the run we carry someone on our backs.

The next section of the test was running through some combinations and techniques that lead to opportunities for knees and takedowns. I had a tough time with these, my energy felt very low but I kept going.  I knew the techniques and often ended with the Kimura takedown from knees.

The next portion was sparring,I sparred two people while having very sluggish punches.  Fortunately, I seem to have the energy to defend my head in my times of being tired.  I was facing one opponent who would  use a split defense against me everytime I threw a jab.  He would hit me with his Jab while slipping my own jab multiple times.  I survived without too many bruises.

The end of the test was … grappling.  The beginning was fairly simple, I would escape top mount, side control, and rear naked choke position three times.  Despite my low energy reserves I was able to handle the escapes  due to the basic defense videos I watched on YouTube from Stephan Kesting and TriStar Gyms.

I had the hardest time grappling for the gun.  This was due to my energy being at its lowest.  My opponent was able to stay in dominant position while I used my legs to push myself towards the gun. My hands were constantly defending against chokes, and armbars.  The toughest point was when my left wrist was pinned and my other arm was blocked.  I don’t know how…but I managed to get my wrist free in order to grab the gun.

I had to push myself to new limits through out the whole test.  I can honestly say my energy for sparring and grappling will have a much deeper energy reserve.  I look forward to finding out in future classes.


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