I have been exploring Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Boxing techniques lately.  Three terms to understand include:

I have had the privelege of training at Western Martial Arts Academy on 6580 Belleau Wood Lane Ste B in Sacramento,CA

Guntine: A Scissoring motion used to block whether it is outside,split or inside defense.

Pac Sao: From observation…pushing or slapping opponents arm out of the way just enough to continue a forward pressure attack.

Lap Sao: Pulling or sweeping opponents blocking arm out of the way just enough to continue forward pressure attacking.

Below is a link to a video illustrating pac sao and lap sao techniques from

Elite Academy of Martial Arts,GA

Four Basic Trapping Combinations

I really enjoy applying what I have been learning into toolbox for sparring.  I have had a few moments of success where I was able to time a pac sao just right and as a result I connected with a cross.  I have yet to apply a guntine, or lap sao into my sparring sessions but that is a work in progress. On a side note I do suggest working your split defenses into your sparring, you could catch alot of people off guard.


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