The Art of Just Enough

The shoulder roll and the body slip.  Like many I have become used to parrys and other blocks with the forearms.  I have come to recognize the value of just backing up a half inch.

For example, I’ll throw a few jabs and if I happen to be slow on the return, I can just turn my shoulder back 1/2 an inch and turn sideways and I avoid the contact anywhere from partially to completely.

Another option that I still have to improve is the Body Slip.  For those who don’t know what I mean, you simply maintain your stance and slide back 1/2 an inch to avoid the punch. You can then come back with the appropriate response.  I have a bit of difficulty with this one since I like to typically respond with a deflection.

Some other honorable mentions I am working on also include slips,bobs and weaves.  I would recommend a healthy application of all these non – contact defenses…they can be just as beneficial as your inner and outer parrys.


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