Training @ home

How we spend our time shows what’s important to us.  I prefer to spend what spare time I have improving my self…physically and mentally.  Some of my personal habits include training at King Krav Maga, strength training at home through isometric training,pull ups,and basic exercises.  I often find the isometric exercises most helpful in building my endurance and strength.

I use an Iso 7x bar.  Its an easy to use resistance bar.  When i’m relaxing, I find time to spend a few minutes exercising different angles and positions with the bar.

Standing against a low countertop while engaging my core also has been beneficial as of late.  I learned of this exercise through a book I read called “Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer.

There’s also planks,leg raises held in place, and sitting against a wall in horse stance.  Future plans include integrating TRX training and Kettle Bells.

Overall, I would consider these options very key methods to stay healthy whether you train at home or a gym!

Whether the focus is building endurance, strength, or speed.  I suggest we all invest our time on physical and mental development.


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  1. So that’s why you walk so erect and correct. Good tips Brett

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