A Story from The Shack…

One day Myself, my wife and my friend were enjoying some beers at The Shack on 52nd and Folsom.  An individual came in from the bar across the street and asked if Coors was available.  Another individual happily answered with something along the lines of this:

‘that beer is not sold here’

I was thrilled to be at an establishment where words like that could be stated.  Needless to say the individual left due to the possible fact that they probably did not have a taste for real beer.  This is just one story of many across the globe that reflects the rise of Craft Beer over the watered down brands that survived prohibition.

Whats in your Pint?




One Comment Add yours

  1. gknight54 says:

    Hops! Lots and lots of Hops! And maybe some barley grain. 😉

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