We often think of sparring as a unique combination of jabs,crosses,upper cuts, and hooks but what about the possibility of a takedown?  I realize it’s always a possibility but takedowns are not always the first,second, or third option to come to mind.

My experience with Agua De Beber Capoeira at Move! Studio taught me multiple takedowns.  We had opportunities to utilize Scissor Sweeps, Hip Check with a sweep(Vengativa), and other versions of single leg sweeps every class.

Fast forward to the present…Krav Maga offers multiple opportunities to spar.  Looking back I am amazed the thought of integrating simple take downs into sparring never came to mind. I watched a video from MMA Krav Maga(the link is below) and it reminded me of what I had utilized in ADB Capoeira.

MMA Krav Maga – Easy take downs


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  1. gknight54 says:

    It’s always nice to see how other learning experiences tie in to our new experiences.

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